Ithaca Video Synthesis Workshop

Looking forward to wrapping my brain around this CHA/V and Videffektor that I build as part of a video synthesis workshop hosted by Jonas Bers and Bob Drake at the Grayhaven Motel in Ithaca, NY this weekend!


360 Version – 

Abstract piece in which an audio-reactive video signal weaves through other overlapping patterns to form a synthesized audio/visual tapestry.  Produced using a LZX Vidiot and Lumen remixed in VDMX and edited in Adobe Premiere. Soundtrack produced with a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer.

Cinematheque 2020-01-04

360 Version –
Mixcloud –

Track List:
Vault 2014 – EDIT SELECT
Covalent Bond – LEWIS FAUTZI
Kone (Original Mix) – Sonate
Kombination – HALLOW
Sunday Swing (Original Mix) – Goran Emkic
Electrobirds – MAKSIM DARK
Tango (Original Mix) – Citizen Kain
Friday Rain – Deas
Brou – JOHN P
Digital Structure – PDLR
Apaneka (Original Mix) – Matt Sassari, Matt Mor
Shape Changing – Teint
Nyctophilia (Hidden Empire Rework) – MARIO HAMMER & THE LONELY ROBOT
I’m Alright Mate (Asusu remix) – Bruce
Acid Bath (Original Mix) – Phutek

Fever Dream (In Flew Enza)

360 Version –

Excerpt of a found footage remix performed while I was at home recovering from a bout of the flu.  The illness no doubt informed my choice of source material during the improvised session which plays like a fragmented nightmare of someone at death’s door (not to sound melodramatic or anything).  Video produced with VDMX routed through Lumen and back into VDMX again in real time while the original soundtrack elements were made with a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer recorded during a subsequent session.

“Borderline” featured in episode 34-2 of “Here Comes Everybody”

I’m very please as always to share that my latest short video Borderline has been included in episode 34-2 of the experimental cable access series “Here Comes Everybody” which is broadcast in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Berkeley, San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Waukegan IL, North Liberty IA & Ithaca NY. My video is located about 12 minutes into the episode and many thanks again to Will Erokan for putting this together.