It Is What It Is (Praise the Lord and Pass the Clorox)

Unedited video synth jam utilizing Lumen remixed live via VDMX against samples recorded during the same session to create a gradually compounding composition.  The soundtrack consists of a percussive guitar synthesizer noise improvisation with slowed-down government news conference and church samples that snarl like a menacing mephistopheles encouraging people to eschew public health guidance and common sense in the midst of a pandemic. 

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Sunken Cathedral

An abstract video synthesizer composition produced with Lumen software that was processed live via VDMX and a homemade Videffektor analog distortion device.  The soundtrack is a Creative Commons recording of Claude Debussy’s La Cathédrale engloutie ( performed by pianist Ivan Ilic which was chosen based on interpretations of the images that emerged from the abstract miasma of the visuals.