Spirit Animals (360 VR)


Short experimental piece in which a submix consisting of found footage from the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence from Disney’s Fantasia was fed through the camera input of Paracosm’s Lumen app and remixed on the fly using a custom patch setup.  The resulting piece was also subsequently converted for viewing as a 360 virtual reality environment via Google Cardboard and Facebook VR video.   The soundtrack is an original track by Production Unit Xero entitled UTAJ143112 off of the compilation album 3 Way Split released on the Laptop Hooligans netlabel.

DecoSpan (360 VR)


Excerpt of an experimental live video production session utilizing Paracosm’s Lumen video synthesizer app. The title derives from what I saw as an Art Deco-style wingspan motif emerging from the abstract imagery as the piece develops.  The standard 2D version may also be viewed here.

Music: Blue Gypsy With a Gun in His Back by Ethnomite Pux