Sunken Cathedral

An abstract video synthesizer composition produced with Lumen software that was processed live via VDMX and a homemade Videffektor analog distortion device.  The soundtrack is a Creative Commons recording of Claude Debussy’s La Cathédrale engloutie ( performed by pianist Ivan Ilic which was chosen based on interpretations of the images that emerged from the abstract miasma of the visuals.

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Decay Dance

Abstract video synth composition consisting primarily of analog signal distortions from a CHA/V mixed with a LZX Vidiot and Lumen via VDMX and then processed again through a Videffektor.  The various elements were then edited and slowed down in Adobe Premiere in order to present the distortions at a less frenetic pace.  The soundtrack is a multi-layered noise loop composition produced with an electric guitar and an old Tascam 4-track cassette recorder.

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The Other Side

I’m very pleased to announce that starting on 9/14/20 my video “Icarus–Into The Drink” will be featured in the online White Page Gallery exhibition entitled “The Other Side” curated by Bob Georgeson.

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