The Big Sleep

Abstract visual composition edited from several improvised video synth jams to the track of the same name by Production Unit Xero.  Produced while stuck at home during the New York State on PAUSE lockdown order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

360 Version –

Live Variation 01 – 
Live Variation 02 – 
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Laptop Hooligans – One World 2020 Mix

DJ 5D – Invocazione Del PolpoEthnomite Pux – blues for the dead
Yasuyuki Uesugi – Many Talents Are Buried In A Pile Of Garbage In The Brain
Sascha Müller – The Days Of Eden
Ethnomite Pux – blues for the dead
Filmy Ghost – Cᐞ⌊Cʰ∅Ͷᐞ⋮RITUᐞ⌊
Ethnomite Pux – blues for the dead

Icarus–Into The Drink

Video synthesizer, found footage and noise composition inspired by the old axiom that what goes up, must come down. Produced using a LZX vidiot, Lumen and VDMX with the resulting footage edited in Adobe Premiere. The soundtrack consists of a heavily processed acoustic guitar mixed with various found sounds.

360 version –

Ithaca Video Synthesis Workshop

Looking forward to wrapping my brain around this CHA/V and Videffektor that I build as part of a video synthesis workshop hosted by Jonas Bers and Bob Drake at the Grayhaven Motel in Ithaca, NY this weekend!


360 Version – 

Abstract piece in which an audio-reactive video signal weaves through other overlapping patterns to form a synthesized audio/visual tapestry.  Produced using a LZX Vidiot and Lumen remixed in VDMX and edited in Adobe Premiere. Soundtrack produced with a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer.

Fever Dream (In Flew Enza)

360 Version –

Excerpt of a found footage remix performed while I was at home recovering from a bout of the flu.  The illness no doubt informed my choice of source material during the improvised session which plays like a fragmented nightmare of someone at death’s door (not to sound melodramatic or anything).  Video produced with VDMX routed through Lumen and back into VDMX again in real time while the original soundtrack elements were made with a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer recorded during a subsequent session.

“Borderline” featured in episode 34-2 of “Here Comes Everybody”

I’m very please as always to share that my latest short video Borderline has been included in episode 34-2 of the experimental cable access series “Here Comes Everybody” which is broadcast in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Berkeley, San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Waukegan IL, North Liberty IA & Ithaca NY. My video is located about 12 minutes into the episode and many thanks again to Will Erokan for putting this together.


An abstract video piece celebrating freedom of movement and the tenacity of the elements breaching artificial obstructions placed in their path.  Produced using Lumen and a LZX Vidiot remixed in real time with VJ software and then edited in Adobe Premiere. The soundtrack was produced using a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer along with ambient audio recorded in my backyard.

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Vimeo 360 – 
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YouTube 360 – 

Cinematheque 10/25/19 – Electronic Revolution Redux

A/V mix performed live in the studio by Mike Celona on October 25th, 2019.  A collaboration consisting of abstract footage produced by Jaim Cleeland in Kurdistan, Iraq from his piece ‘Electronic Revolution Of Our Times’ ( ) remixed live with VDMX, Paracosm Lumen and a LZX Vidiot analog synthesizer.  Music mixed with Serato.

Vimeo – 
Vimeo 360 – 
YouTube – 
YouTube 360 –

Track List:
Fierce Tension – Abstract Division
Convection – SLAM
The Wolf Is Watching You – BARBUTO
Amour Fou – SIN SIN
3000 (Metodi Hristov Remix) – Los Suruba
Ions (Samwise remix) – MAHARTI
Warehouse Trip – JAY LUMEN
Floppy Headache (Metodi Hristov remix) – SPARTAQUE
Pressure – SONATE
Drawn To Distraction – RUDOSA
Mangaroo (Original Mix) – Balthazar & JackRock
Damascus – ENGI
Kontour (Da Fresh Remix) – Criminish
Radio Room (Noaria dub mix) – NOARIA