What Goes Around Comes Around (2016)

An experimental abstract video piece in which synthesized video images produced with Paracosm’s Lumen software were transferred to VHS tape, remixed through a Tachyons+ modified analog video processor then subsequently fed back into a computer and re-remixed using Arkaos GrandVJ software. The title alludes to the signals going back and forth between digital and analog manipulations before arriving at the final composition as well as the solar/planetary images that emerge from the abstractions. Music: DG13817 by Production Unit Xero

360 Version

Screening History

2017 Here Comes Everybody ep. 12-5 – Public Access Video Art Anthology TV Series – Los Angeles, CA & other U.S. markets

2017 Festival Images Contre Nature – Marseille, France

2017 IVAHM Festival – Madrid, Spain

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