Toasted (2008)

An experiment in shifting perspectives revealed by a glass of champagne being enjoyed in a Paris cafe. The soundtrack consists of a droning note being struck on an electric bass guitar with subtle variations which were then assembled and sequenced into the eerily meditative soundscape heard within.

Screening History

2010 – Online Webcast in conjunction w Instants Festival

2010 23rd Instants Video Festival – Marseilles, France

2009 Odds & End: A Night of Light and Shadows – Portland, OR

2009 Yoveo International Film Festival

2008 Abstracta International Abstract Cinema Exhibition – Rome, Italy

2008 OCULI: Experimental Film Showcase – Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, NC

2008 Salon @ Collision Machine – Brooklyn, NY

2008 Give Up The Ghost exhibition – Austin Figurative Gallery, Austin, TX

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