Stations (Oh, The Humanity) (2008)

A collision of found images and sounds pertaining to manmade economic and geopolitical crises with a dash of Depression-era nostalgia resulting in sensory overload. Completed in the fall of 2008 amidst the ensuing economic collapse.

Screening History

2011 CologneOFF VII: Art in Global Context – Beirut, Lebanon / Online

2011 New Experimental Sounds & Video / JC Fridays – Bergen Hill Sound/Image – Jersey City, NJ

2011 Trashed’ urban installation/projection – Rogue Video/Walsh Gallery – Newark, NJ

2011 4th annual ArtAwake Exhibition – Rochester, NY

2010 1st Annual Vimeo Festival – New York, NY

2010 7th Annual Autumedia Media Arts Showcase – Semantics Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2010 Family Matters/Nepotism & Other Character Flaws Exhibition – Sushi Gallery, San Diego, CA

2010 Zeros + Ones: The Digital Era – Climate Gallery, New York, NY

2009 Yoveo International Film Festival – New York, NY

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