Seasonal Transmutation Suite (2010)

A four-movement suite depicting the seasonal changes in New York State as seen from both human and technological perspectives at the macro and micro levels with the two often overlapping, interfering and/or complimenting each other.

Screening History

2012/9-2013/1 – TONY Biennial Exhibition – Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY

2011 Arte Natura – Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

2011 4th annual ArtAwake Exhibition – Rochester, NY

2011 ‘Relevant’ Exhibition – Lower Mill Gallery, Honeoye Falls, NY

2011 Cronosfera Festival – Iridescent Worlds exhibition – Belgrade, Serbia

2010 23rd Instants Video Festival – Marseilles, France

2010 Cronosfera Festival / Visions From The Future Exhibition – Turin, Italy (Special Mention)

Standalone Segments

The following are the four individual movements of the Seasonal Transmutation Suite that were screened as standalone videos prior to being reedited and presented in their current form.

I. Drift

Semi-abstract depiction of a snow storm in Upstate New York coinciding with what at the time was the impending shut off date for analog TV transmissions in the United States.

Screening History

2010 Zeros + Ones: The Digital Era – Climate Gallery, New York, NY

2009 Yoveo International Film Festival

II. Data Stream

Processed footage of raindrops landing on the surface of a pond in New York’s Central Park coalesce in such a way as to appear analogous to data flowing through a computer system.

Screening History

2009 Zero Film Festival – Los Angeles & New York, USA

2009 PI (Performance Intermedia) Five exhibition – Szczecin, Poland

2009 Oblo Film Festival – Lausanne, Switzerland

2009 Odds & End: A Night of Light and Shadows – Portland, OR

2009 Yoveo International Film Festival

2008 Abstracta International Abstract Cinema Exhibition – Rome, Italy

2008 OCULI: Experimental Film Showcase – Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, NC

2008 5th Annual Autumedia Media Arts Showcase – Cincinnati, OH (3rd Prize)

III. Regeneration

A multimedia homage to biology in the park with images of flora from the Rochester, NY Lilac Festival weaving in and out of digital distortions as the the organic and the technological elements eventually attain cybernetic equilibrium.

IV. Autumnation

Processed imagery of autumn foliage overwhelms the senses in a distillation of color.

Screening History

2009 Yoveo International Film Festival

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