Detour Series (2010)

A series of three compound remixes in which the first video is remixed in the second video and so forth with the third–kind of like video hash.

Detour I

An experiment consisting of nearly 3 hours of home video footage arranged in an edit timeline and manually scrubbed at high speed in an attempt to generate random sensory impressions similar to memory fragments within the viewer’s mind from which a personal subliminal narrative can be derived, similar to that of a recovering amnesia patient. On the original YouTube page I invited the audience to share their impressions that the piece generated in the comments and received dozens of responses.

Screening History

2011 Exploding Cinema – ‘The Others’ Art Space – London, UK

Detour II

This second installment of the Detour series invites the viewer to revisit the perceptual experiment conducted in Detour 1 only instead of presenting the images in a rapid succession, here they are slowly fragmented almost like a puzzle occasionally coming together to form complete images. Like Detour 1, the resulting video was then “performed” by scrubbing the playback marker back and forth across the edit timeline in order to ‘shuffle the puzzle pieces’ while periodically allowing it to roll naturally for extended periods of time.

Detour III – A Requiem For The Cathode Ray Tube

A remix of the first two installments of the Detour series, in this version all previous visual and conceptual associations are broken down as the mashed-up video fades and shifts between three different perspectives: 1.) the reedited source images as seen directly from the computer timeline 2.) the screen surface of an old CRT television monitor filmed with a macro lens as it plays back the aforementioned images 3.) the same television as seen from the vantage point of a viewer sitting in a living room.

Screening History

2012 Logan Arts and Film Festival

2011 Synthetic Zero / {S0NiK}Fest 3 – Bronx Art Space, New York, NY

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