Cinematheque A/V Mix 2020-01-04

Audio/visual mix performed live in the studio by Mike Celona on January 4, 2020.  Video produced with VDMX, Paracosm Lumen and a LZX Vidiot analog synthesizer.  Music mixed with Serato.

Track List:
Vault 2014 – EDIT SELECT
Covalent Bond – LEWIS FAUTZI
Kone (Original Mix) – Sonate
Kombination – HALLOW
Sunday Swing (Original Mix) – Goran Emkic
Electrobirds – MAKSIM DARK
Tango (Original Mix) – Citizen Kain
Friday Rain – Deas
Brou – JOHN P
Digital Structure – PDLR
Apaneka (Original Mix) – Matt Sassari, Matt Mor
Shape Changing – Teint
Nyctophilia (Hidden Empire Rework) – MARIO HAMMER & THE LONELY ROBOT
I’m Alright Mate (Asusu remix) – Bruce
Acid Bath (Original Mix) – Phutek

360 Version:

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