Cinematheque – Abstract Mix 2019-02-03 – A/V mix performed live in the studio by Mike Celona on February 3rd, 2019. Video produced with VDMX, Paracosm Lumen and a LZX Vidiot analog synthesizer. Music mixed with Serato.

YouTube 2D –
YouTube 360 –
Vimeo 2D –
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Track List:
Linking – Mladen Tomic
Throw Up (Makanan remix) – Andre Salmon, Sammy W & Alex E
More Love – SWEELY
My Extension – DRUNKEN KONG
Grim (Jonas Saalbach remix) – Andreas Henneberg
Slight Waves – Matthias Springer
Surveillance Plane – JC LAURENT
Sa Punta (original mix) – GONCALO
Cygnus – Cirkle
Ego Illusions – ALPI
Test Tubes (Mind Against Celestial dub) – SCB
Pentatonic – ALIAS
Noise Fabrik – Hellomonkey HiBoo
Magic Dream – Emanuele Amendola
Wax (The Reactivitz Remix)
Pantzer – Luca Gaeta
Augen Der Nacht – SHDW & Obscure Shape
Social Ritual (original mix) – Weska
Desolution – SHAWN JACKSON
Filling The Moments (Original Mix) – Stefano Panzera

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