Cinematheque A/V Mix 2019-05-11

A/V mix performed live in the studio by Mike Celona on May 11, 2019.  Video produced with VDMX, Paracosm Lumen and a LZX Vidiot analog synthesizer.  Music mixed with Serato.

360 Version

Track List:

Pentagramma – Bastet


Rivington – Layton Giordani

Drop (original mix) – Hallow

Voltage (original mix) – Matthew Smillie

Filtered Light (original mix) – Roby M Rage

Free Your Soul – ZYGO

Kontour (Da Fresh Remix) – Criminish

Station – THe WHite SHadow

Dark Man – Bastet

Creepy Groove – CALM CHOR

Radio Room (Noaria dub mix) – NOARIA

Abissi – MDF

Awaken (Original Mix) – Mario Ochoa