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Toasted (2008)


An experiment in shifting perspectives revealed by a glass of champagne being enjoyed in a Paris cafe.  The soundtrack consists of the same note being struck on an electric bass guitar with subtle variations which were then assembled and sequenced into the eerily meditative droning soundscape heard within.


Awards / Screenings:


Official Selection

23rd Instants Video Festival (2010)

Marseilles, France


Odds & Ends: A Night of Light and Shadow (2009)

Portland, OR


Official Selection

2009 Yoveo International Videofestival

New York, NY



2008 International Abstract Cinema Exhibition

Rome, Italy


2008 OCULI: Experimental Film Showcase

Bottega Gallery

Wilmington, NC


Salon @ Collision Machine (2008)

Brooklyn, NY


Give Up The Ghost Exhibition (2008)

Austin Figurative Gallery

Austin, TX