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Decomposition (2011)

A demonstration of the extreme perceptual shifts that can occur when mediated reality literally starts to break down, 'Decomposition' is a remix of found footage shot by an unknown amateur filmmaker documenting a trip to a local carnival or amusement park in Rochester, NY circa the 1960s in which the already chemically damaged film is randomly subjected to five cumulative layers of digital distortion and mashed up in real time using Arkaos Grand VJ mixing software. The soundtrack consists of a synthesized organ rendition of the popular song 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head' which accompanies a carousel located in New York's Central Park and is also mashed up in tandem with the visuals. Finally, the repetitive droning note at the end is the result of the VJ program crashing during the climax of the performance--an occurrence which happened so consistently during rehearsals that I decided to incorporate it into the piece. Viva la glitch!

Special thanks to Chad Hunter for making the source film freely available online: