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Ascent (2008)


Impressionistic depiction of the disastrous Challenger space shuttle flight which broke up shortly after liftoff in January 1986. With the subsequent investigation revealing that the astronauts likely did not die until the separated crew compartment impacted on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, this piece attempts to present the equally muddled vantage points of both the astronauts during their final moments as well as the artist's memories of watching the tragedy unfold on live television at the age of three years old.

Awards / Screenings:


2010 Systems Failure Exhibition

Target Gallery

Alexandria, VA


2009 PI (Performance Intermedia)

Five Exhibition

Szczecin, Poland


2009 dokumentArt Festival

Neubrandenburg, Germany / Szczecin, Poland


Official Selection

2009 Yoveo International Videofestival

New York, NY


Official Selection

2008 Iowa City Experimental Film Festival

University of Iowa


2008 OCULI: Experimental Film Showcase

Bottega Gallery

Wilmington, NC