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Syracuse University Department of Transmedia


Instants Video Festival


Cronosfera Festival


Manifest Gallery


Sushi Gallery


Zero Film Festival


Busan Video Festival


Oblo Film Festival


Iowa City Experimental (ICE) Film Festival

SPARK Contemporary Art Space

The Tank NYC

Austin Figurative Gallery

Gallery 51

Another Roadside Attraction Gallery

Pink Poseidon

Digital Love Theme

Syracuse International Film Festival

The Academic Hack - Film Criticism by Michael Sicinski



Nate Kassel

Angela Perry

John Eilers-Lloyd

Hubl Greiner

Lucile Haute (LUH)

Collision Machine Art Collective

Susan Agliata

Jaanika Peerna

Cortney Andrews

Lauren Carbone

Louis Libitz

Lanie McCormick 

Rabid Owl Sound Project